[SCA-Dance] dance floor details

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Sat May 8 20:56:49 EDT 2010

Andrew Draskoy <adraskoy at gmail.com> writes:
> Does anyone know of documentation on the details of how the Pennsic dance
> tent floor was constructed?  I'm looking into the feasibility of doing
> something similar.
In short: tongue and grove plywood (A/C grade subfloor actually) with
all seams supported/spanned by flats of 2x4. there is flats of 2x4
running the length of the middle of the 8' dimention. alternate rows are
offset but 4' so that in one dimention there is no more than 4' of a
continuous seam.

All sides of the plywood and supports are treated in some way to help
prevent warping/deteriation.

is the information i put together when i first built it.
There is a basic "plan" for the floor there.

Nikki and others have put together a care and feeding of the floor
based my initial imput and their experience.   I don't know where this
document resides online... if it even does. i would like to host this
someplace if it does exist and i can get a copy.

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