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Tue Mar 9 12:05:41 EST 2010

Actually, the comparisons to architecture come from Caroso in his own discussion of how he "improved" his dances when he wrote Nobilta di Dame.  He used a combination of the arts, including architecture, music and poetry, to develop his "theory" of dance in his second book.  Nevile takes this a step further to compare the structure of his dances to common garden layouts at the time.  It may be a stretch for some people, but since gardening was considered part of architecture at the time, I don't think its a considerable one.

I will agree though that the book puts forth a wonderful collection of essays about dance, especially being one of the first such books dedicated solely to dance of this period.

If you are interested in bibliographies, there is also a lovely one in "Dance Music from the Ballet de Cour 1575-1651" by David Buch that has a few dance resources not listed in Nevile's book and a number of music resources as well.  Nevile's provides a wonderful starting point though, doesn't it?

Margaret Roe

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> Hi Monika,
> I do have the book, and it's a great source to help tie dance in to the society at the time.  However, it does have to be read with a critical eye, as some of the things it theorizes that dance equates to (including archetecture and gardening) seems to be a bit of a stretch. 
> Well worth the read, though - especially the bibliography!
> Lady Jane Milford


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