[SCA-Dance] candlestick bransle

Mary Railing mrailing2 at yahoo.com
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If you want to do a lot of switching partners, there is a nearly 6 minute version as "Tourch Brawl" on Wolgemut's "Tempus Saltandi" album (album or individual song available in MP3 format from Amazon).

Arbeau describes an alman double as "three steps and one greve or pied en l'air without saut" and a single as "one step and one greve or pied en l'air." A greve is a kick.  In the illustration the knee is somewhat flexed.  It is not a goose step.


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looking for music for the candlestick bransle.  also, wanted to confirm what an alman double & alman single are.  i appreciate any help you can offer, thanks  

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