[SCA-Dance] new source

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Mon Jun 14 16:40:38 EDT 2010

> I ordered a copy of this book, I'll give a basic description of the
> source when it arrives.

It's a manuscript dated to 1700. The modern introduction is only 1
page, in Catalan. There are 2 pages of facsimile [i.e. only
partial]. 15 pages of transcription. 5 pages of footnotes.

The dances named and described in the manuscript: Marivella,
Primivara, Mantuana, Beinquerida, Xacara, Turdion, Cupido, Oye el
milagro, Pelegrina, Aurora, Garca, Filomela [Filomena when described],
El Serau, Burea [just 2 lines of description]

Named but not described: Garca, Anteyer, Regina, Gabota, Mustarda,

The names are very suggestive, aren't they? Of course, we know that
ECD recycled names.  I think I'll type in the Turdion and see what it
looks like translated.

-- Gregory

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