[SCA-Dance] marque pied, marque talon

Del del at babel.com.au
Sat Jun 5 08:13:07 EDT 2010

> The feet are close to each other but not necessarily touching. For
> Arbeau's Canary, where there are one of each of these in rapid
> succession, I would hesitate to assume either that there should still
> be one spring for each touch, or one spring to begin the sequence of
> two touches. Maybe the spring could potentially be dispensed with when
> one is already on the supporting foot? Springs don't seem to work as
> well in the Canary is in the Tourdion in which these steps were
> introduced, but YMMV.

My mileage is in fact exactly the same with respect to dispensing with 
the springs, except of course that it's in kilometers.

I don't have anything authoritative to say on Arbeau's Canary except to 
say that Arbeau is probably not authoritative on the subject of the Canary.


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