[SCA-Dance] Fw: [Midlaurel] Performance opportunity at Pennsic!

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Folks on this list who are also musicians may be interested...


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Performers, and those who know performers, please pass this on and cross post as 
makes sense.

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As you may be aware, TRM of the Midrealm Ceinwen and Radagaisus are devoted 
patrons of the arts.
As their gift to the Pennsic populace, this year there will be a performing area 
located right outside of MidRealm Royal. It will be located on the corner 
closest to the Barn under a tree (shade...goood!). Truly prime real estate.
This space will be available for use from Wednesday of Peace week through Friday 
of War Week.
Performers are welcome to utilize this space by prearrangement with the Royal 
Staff Master and Mistress of Revels, Juliane Beauchampe and Llywelyn Glyndwr. 
Write (before Friday, July 30)
            djina_60 (at) hotmail (dot) com
            cipram (at) sbcglobal (dot) net
After Friday, you may contact Juliane or Llywelyn at Midrealm Royal.
The space is being carved out of the Midrealm allotment. In other words, we're 
moving our fences in a bit at that corner to make a public space, and there is 
only so much of our camping allotment we can displace, so the "stage" is not 
very large -  but enough for a small ensemble or group.  

It will face directly onto the open plaza between the Barn and Midream Royal, so 
there will also not really be a designated space for an audience to bring chairs 
and sit.
In brief, it's intended as a busking and performance space.
Do note--this space will be in use during Midnight Madness. Otherwise, first 
come, best times.
We promise to keep you watered and happy while you're there. 
We look forward to hearing you at Pennsic!
Llywelyn Glyndwr (Mark Cipra)
            for myself and for
Juliane Bechaumpe (Ann Fairhurst)
Master and Mistress of the Revels for Radagaisus and Ceinwen
"When in doubt, end with a jig" - Robin McCauley


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