[SCA-Dance] Pennsic - How to Teach European Dance

Craig Shupee' philipwhite at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 18 17:29:21 EDT 2010

Howdy All,


I’ll be teaching a class at Pennsic this year called “How to
Teach European Dance”.


One of the things I am offering along with the class is an
offer to observe others as they teach their classes and offer feedback on how
to improve. 


If you are interested, let me know. It is more likely I can
make classes if I know before Pennsic but I will also try to work out my schedule
on site. 


Here is a class description: 


How to Teach European Dance: Looking to become a more
effective teacher? Or, always wanted to teach but not sure where to start? This
class will focus on ways to improve your abilities to teach. Beginning dance
teachers are especially welcome. People who do not feel ready to teach but want
to curious are invited too. We will walk though examples of what works and what
Personal experiences are encouraged. If you are teaching a class later during
the war, you can ask for help during this class or you can invite me along to
observe your class and to give constructive feedback.            

Materials Fee: 0

Instructor: Master Philip White

Sun, 8            9:00


See everyone soon! 


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