[SCA-Dance] Fifteenth century revel at Pennsic

Rachel/Judith judithsca at aol.com
Mon Jul 5 11:09:53 EDT 2010

Upon the 12th of August, the Feast of San Giovanni, Judith, Countess of the Royal House of Drachenwald, invites all to revel in the style of the courts of Sforza, Burgundy, and Lancaster. Music for dancing shall be provided by the ensemble known as Istanpitta, and the gaming tables shall be open. Allow all of your senses to be satisfied! Festivities shall begin around the ninth hour, in the Dance Pavilion, with food and beverage for all!

p.s. Judith believes that no party is complete without hecklers and non-dancers, not to mention the token comatise body in the corner, so come and be part of atmosphere!

p.p.s. please forward at will.

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