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Greetings again from Trahaearn!

It is a slightly embarrassing story. After sending the note below, I did a
quick Windows search for Sloane on my desktop and discovered I had a full
transcription of Sloane in an old Word file. In 1998, Janelyn and I traveled
to England to examine and take notes on the Old Measures manuscript sources,
and we added Sloane 3858 to our agenda because we were unaware of any
available transcripts at the time. We were able to examine the original, and
to transcribe the dance descriptions (I suspect we did the transcriptions
from microfilm in the reading room, but I don't remember now). The
transcription is somewhat crude; we had a limited amount of time at each
library. Anyway, I've just posted this transcription and additional notes
online at http://www.peterdur.us/dance/sloane3858.htm. 

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I don't have a pointer at hand for a full Sloane transcription but there
have been some dance classes at Pennsic that have taught reconstructions
based on reconciling Sloane and Playford. 

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