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Greetings to Emma and the dancers of the Society from Trahaearn!

Some quick additional notes on this thread...

The transcription was described as to be published in a forthcoming issue of
the Harvard Library Bulletin, but I haven't found it yet. I can find online
versions of the HLB through 1999 at
http://pds.lib.harvard.edu/pds/view/2573358, and tables of contents through
2006 at
http://hcl.harvard.edu/libraries/houghton/public_programs/hlb_toc.cfm, but
the transcription doesn't seem to be included. A partial contents through
2009 is

Carol Marsh reconstructed and taught the Lovelace version of Jack Pudding in
2007: http://www.sunassembly.org/recentdances0107.htm (just a listing that
the dance was taught, no instructions here). 

MS Lansdowne 1115 is transcribed in Cunningham, James P., "Dancing in the
Inns of Court", London, Jordan & Sons, 1965. (Appendix VIII, p. 42-44). The
transcription is included in the online paper "English Country Dancing
Before Playford - Dances from the Lansdowne Manuscript" by Christopher
Darras at http://sca.uwaterloo.ca/~praetzel/sca/lansdowne.html, which also
includes reconstructions.

I don't have a pointer at hand for a full Sloane transcription but there
have been some dance classes at Pennsic that have taught reconstructions
based on reconciling Sloane and Playford. 

- Trahaearn

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