[SCA-Dance] book availability

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Thu Dec 9 22:17:02 EST 2010

My omniscience-gizmo told me that Dance Books Ltd. was no longer
selling Sutton's Caroso translation, so I had a momentary panic that
it was going out of print. But the Dover website shows it in print.


Meanwhile, I see that Amazon shows 25 copies of Arbeau new and used
for sale, and it's still cheap... even more of them are available at
addall.com, although some of those are pretty expensive.

Even though it's out of print, it's still quite available. Still, I'd
buy now if you think you might want a copy in the future. I think it's
been used enough as a textbook that it might be easy to find used
for years, but you never know.

-- Gregory

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