[SCA-Dance] Some images from MSEng 1356

White, John white at drexel.edu
Fri Apr 30 15:16:48 EDT 2010

> From: Aaron Macks
> Just to update people on progress, pp 1-25 are now processed and
> uploaded.
> Gundormr

I'd like to show off my latest project, which couldn't possibly
have happened without Gundormr's efforts posting up to page 35 of
his scans of this manuscript.

I've done my best to more-or-less transcribe all 35 pages (so far?),
and have included the work of the other two who have done some of
these (Emma and Greg).

I've put the work-so-far up in a really crude format (it would be best if
one could see transcription and image at the same time, as well as do
more paging and inter-linking, etc), but I'm not entirely sure whether
what I've done so far is even accessable to anyone but me.  A properly
cross-hyperlinked and indexed and such project is a bit of work and I
really just wanted people to see these cool dances ASAP.  A better
website will come, one way or another.  I'd appreciate feedback,
suggestions, etc - email me unless you think the list would also like
to hear it  (if my address is not in the header, use john dot white at
Drexel dot edu).

Like any project of this type, reading the script becomes easier the more you
do it.  I also have not proof-read my own work (for typing errors), nor have
I gone back to patch up all of the places when a spelling came clear (I did a
few - Ladyes Piller (not Diller, or Miller, but I wonder if Laydes Piller
became Lady Spellor ...), and the Milking Payle (not the Milling Bayle), among

I could blither on for a while more, but instead I'll stop and let the work
speak for itself (presuming anyone else can even access it).    Enjoy!

Oh right:  it can be accessed from my ECD page, referenced on the SCA Dance
page, but I won't make you burrow through the links:



          \\Dafydd Cyhoeddwr

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