[SCA-Dance] SCA Created Dances

Michael Bergman eclectic at mit.edu
Thu Apr 29 16:38:00 EDT 2010

Alejandra has, sharply and pointedly, and with a bit of an edge,
pointed out to me that:

a) she didn't write the Bransle de Poule
b) she has never introduced it into the SCA
c) at the time that she didn't introduce it to the SCA, she was not a
member of the SCA
d) she isn't one now

Don't ask me how she knows what we in the SCA are talking about
privately amongst ourselves.  Apparently our list isn't secure.
Anyone could be listening. :-)

So, out of curiosity, has anyone in the SCA encountered Bransle de
Poule being danced in an SCA context, ever?  Not that I'm suggesting
it *should* be danced in the SCA -- I think that it and all other
variations should be buried deeply.

I have to go now.  I hear people knocking at the door, and they might
have a warrant.

--Harald Longfellow

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