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Troika is based on a Russian folk dance.  I learned the actual choreography at a folk dance workshop.  The major difference is that the trios are arranged as spokes of a wheel, and during the "run forward" part the middle person runs forward to the next set of people.  There is no "melee".  Of course the original music is different.  The SCA version uses a cut from the soundtrack of Henry VIII and His Six Wives (the movie, not the PBS series) called "Street Music".  (This is the same soundtrack album the music for Mannschaft comes from.)

I get the impression that the bowing and scraping in Hole in the Wall is actually the fault of Regency fandom.  The palming appears to be an SCA thing.  I can remember when we didn't do it in this dance.  Try asking old Carolingians.  I suspect it is due to Patri that Hole in the Wall is an SCA tradition.


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I haven't seen anyone mention Hole in the Wall.  The SCA choreography
is actually a bit different than modern ECD, with the excessive bowing
and scraping, palming, early 17th century steps, and if you add in
sharking (or kidnapping, as it was called when I learned it), it all
adds up to a related, but different, dance than the one modern ECD
folks do.

Also, Troika, which I don't believe has any folk dance roots.  I think
it was just made up from period iconography mixed with sheer

I don't know if it was performed more than once, but there's the
Guillaume Jehan Pavanne, which a bunch of Marklanders inflicted on
innocent SCAdians at Pennsic some 20+ years ago.

Similarly, but more recently, the Brandle de Poule

--Harald Longfellow
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