[SCA-Dance] SCA Created Dances

Gwommy 'Bill' Holderman gwommy at gmail.com
Wed Apr 28 17:04:53 EDT 2010

Corwyn's Folly is an SCA Choreography, isn't it (even though the style
is more Scottish)?  Also, does anyone else do this dance at their
practices?  I'm going to guess that we (in Lansing) are the only ones
that do that do anymore, ya?

Interesting info about Entre Courante.  I've never done Entre Courante
or Ann's Courante, yet I seem to have music for them both. =b

And I stumbled upon another SCA choreography in early March in
Cleveland, OH.  I danced Clifton Court Alman which I'd never heard of
before.  I e-mailed Sion about it and I was surprised to find out that
it's a 30 year old dance (almost as old as I am).

And what about Saltarello La Regina and Saltarello II?  Those are both
SCA Choreographies if I'm not mistaken.  Anyone know about when those
were choreographed?

For Uracca, you wrote Dolce Amorosa Fiamma?  I guess it does list you
in the back of the Terp book, but in the description of dance steps,
it lists it as Coroso.  I'm guessing that's referring to Dolce Amoroso
Fuocco?  What are the differences between the two dances?

And for Justin, I believe Uncle Sion's dance, Two Fat Ladies, would be
considered most like ECD.  It doesn't have the typical USA verses.
The name of the dance is slang for Heys.  And in fact, the dance
really only has two parts, both of which have very interesting heys.

Yay!  Dancing!

PS-Sorry Phelan, if you get this twice.  I just realized I sent this
message to only you first time. =b

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