[SCA-Dance] SCA Created Dances

Jeremy H. Kessler greenguy at peculiarity.net
Tue Apr 27 22:17:17 EDT 2010

Iohann se pipere wrote:
> One I like, but that has died here in Meridies, is Entre Courante.

And Urraca replied:
> Entre Courante has been done at Crystal Ball sometimes, but I think
> it's essentially dead in the Middle, too.  That's another very old
> SCA dance that I don't know the origin of.  It was already around
> when I joined in 1976.  The earliest written version I have is in the
> Nordskogen Dance Manual from 1978, but that doesn't list a source.  I
> always thought it was rather boring myself.

I rather enjoyed it when I was starting out (in 1981).  Sure, the steps 
weren't exactly challenging, but that just made it easier to converse 
and flirt with your partner.  And it wasn't like there was tons of 
complicated dancing being done back then, either.  Off the top of my 
head I remember Entree-Courante, Mannschaft, a handful of bransles, a 
couple of ECDs, and a couple of GOOPs.  I'm sure there was more (I could 
even look up what it was, if I had the time), but that is what comes 
readily to mind.


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