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Tue Apr 27 12:27:14 EDT 2010

Duchess Rondallyn's Pavan is a creation of Duchess Rondallyn of
Golgotha's and Lady Calea's.  Her Grace was a member of the Barony of
the South Downs, Meridies, some years before I joined the SCA in 1998.
 I was told that Rondallyn wanted a single dance that included the
steps from various Renaissance styles, but don't know whether this is
true.  She is no longer involved with the Society and I last heard
that she was participating in Mountain Man Rendesvous.  I have no
information about Lady Calea.  The music, "Toota Loot" (from Mannheim
Steamroller's "Fresh Aire II") is in volume three of "Early Period and
Popular Dance Music" but Master Avatar did not retain it when he
printed volume IV.  This dance has even lost popularity here, in the
Kingdom in which it was developed.

Iohann se pipere
Sable, a gyron argent
Ars Longa Vita Brevis (art endures, life ends)

On Wed, Apr 21, 2010 at 6:18 PM, Mary Railing <mrailing2 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> So what you need is a "Best of..." or a "Top 10" list of SCA dances people would enjoy dancing.
> One dance that is not very authentic, but is still danced in several kingdoms, is  "John Tallow's Canon" by Sion Andreas.
> Another goopy one that I think is still popular in some places is Duchess Rondallynn's Pavan.
> Saltarello la Regina by Geffrei Louam de Kaermeriadec is still danced in the Middle Kingdom.
> Burley Mariners by Dafydd Arth is a country dance correct enough to be mistaken for a period one.
> I think Dolce Amorosa Fiamma is a good Italian-style choreography, but that's because I wrote it.
> Do you count the SCA version of Maltese Branle danced to Shiarzula Mazula as an SCA choreography?
> --Urraca

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