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White, John white at drexel.edu
Mon Apr 26 10:50:34 EDT 2010

> From: Sweet, Debby
> Tim McDaniel wrote:
> > Aren't there ECDs that end up with people out of their original
> > positions (excluding progressives for as many repetitions as will)?
> One I can think of is Argeers - where the two couples end up in a
> straight line, all facing the presence as the ending. However all the
> squares for 8 that I can think of everyone ends up back in their
> original position.
> Estrill Swet
> Province of Mooneschadowe

I would classify that kind of ending (Glory of the West-style, and
there are, I believe, one or two more that do the same) as a "ta-da,
we're done and taking our bow, applaud us now" ending, not a
"switch-around-and-do-it-again" ending.  Not the same in any way as,
for example, Maiden Lane or Night Peece.

         \\Dafydd Cyhoeddwr

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