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Once again digging into my notes:

John Tallis' Canon (a contradance set to music by Thomas Tallis) was
written by pat Shaw in 1965.
The SCA version was arranged (and accidentily renamed) by Master Sion
Andreas o Wynedd (Tirnewydd, Midrealm) in 1980-1982 and set to the
tune Chanconetta Tedesca from the self-titled album by Les
Mistress Katrina of Iron Mountain later set the dance to music from
the movie Legend by Tangerine Dream.

This one took me two years to track down.


On Fri, Apr 23, 2010 at 11:17 AM,  <rosina at pathcom.com> wrote:
> -
>> One dance that is not very authentic, but is still danced in several
>> kingdoms, is  "John Tallow's Canon" by Sion Andreas.
> Isn't that one by ... don't have my notes ... Pat Shaw, adapted by Sion?
> Rosina
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