[SCA-Dance] SCA Created Dances

Gwommy 'Bill' Holderman gwommy at gmail.com
Fri Apr 23 02:37:29 EDT 2010

Mannshaft Pavanne has also been done at Crystal Ball at least within
the last couple of years.  At my local dance practice, it looks like
the last time we danced it was June 5, 2009, so not all too long ago.

Another dance that I'm surprised hasn't been mentioned is Uncle Sion's
"Two Fat Ladies".  It seems that every where I've taught that dance,
everyone loved it!

And someone mentioned St. Joan which we have also recently done at our
dance practice.  And last weekend I was doing Contra dancing and I
think I know where Uncle Sion got his choreography from for his
chorus. ;-)

Another personal favorite of mine is Dafydd Arth's Puzzle Box done to
the tune of Parson's Farewell.  I seem to be the only one that likes
that one though...

Last year, our most practiced dance at dance practice was Rosina's
"Mordred's Lullaby."  That is an awesome dance, especially when
dancing it with Rosina (which I have a video on YouTube of that one).

Yay!  Dancing!

On Fri, Apr 23, 2010 at 1:52 AM, Brian Sidlauskas <bsidlauskas at gmail.com> wrote:
> With regard to the previous post in this thread about Maanschaaft
> Pavane, I too had thought it extinct, until someone in my new shire
> (Coeur du Val in Southern An Tir) requested it at tonight's dance
> practice!  Lack of an eighth dancer derailed the suggestion, but the
> dance appears to still be in the popular repertory here.
> I never cease to be amazed at the staying power of some of the earliest
> choreographies to achieve popularity in the Society.
> -- Galeran Chanterel

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