[SCA-Dance] SCA Created Dances

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Thu Apr 22 21:29:16 EDT 2010

Pulling together assorted messages on this thread:

> Caroligian Pavane AKA Belle Qui,

Not an SCA invention, AFAIK. I believe the choreography was originally a 
performance piece by Dr. Brainard, which got named "Carolingian Pavane" 
because Carolingia then taught it to the SCA.

> Oh, and let's not forget Fickle Ladies, also danced more or less exclusively within Bridge and at Black Rose Ball.  I actually like it (perversely), but it almost always dissolves into anarchy when one dancer isn't very familiar with it.

Yes, although I have (curiously) found a description of the dance in 
Finnish, of all things, so it seems to have spread somewhat beyond Bridge.

I am also very fond of the dance, but it is just *too* fragile. One of 
these days, I'll actually finish rewriting it as a proper square ECD 
with a little more predictability. (I've been stuck for years with a 
symmetry problem -- I haven't yet got a version I like that winds up 
with everyone back in their original position.)

> I 
> understand (perhaps 12th hand) that Heralds in Love was never supposed to be
> a commonly-done dance (I could be wrong). 

As possibly the first person who ever learned the dance, I don't have 
any reason to believe this is true. I mean, the author *did* write it up 
for the Letter of Dance, which indicates otherwise. (HiL is a particular 
favorite of mine, although Gundormr and I have a long-standing dispute 
about whether it violates period aesthetics with the double interlaced hey.)

> Is Maanschaft Pavane still done anywhere? It's died out in Ansteorra.

It was still being done until fairly recently at the Black Rose Ball, 
but seems to be dying out even there...

				-- Justin

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