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Amy lynnaea_fairchild at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 22 12:33:23 EDT 2010

Quen Quer Que is a fun a dance, but I usually get lost in the middle of the song and forget which turn we're on!

Another SCA dance that's probably not period would be Postes Jig. This has been a dance that is a favorite of the College of Saint Joan. We did dance a slight variation of this at the ORF.

Are you looking specifically for dances that were created in the SCA? Or for dances that are creatively danced to other tunes? For example, dancing Road to the Isles to the B52's song Roam.

Lady Elisabeth (Lynnaea) Fairchild

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> LOL! 
> Sorry, but every time I see reference to this dance I'm
> reminded of an incident at the KWAR in Atenveldt several
> years ago. I was running the ball, and a lady came over and
> asked me if I had the music for that 12th century dance the
> Crusaders brought back from Malta. As you can imagine, I
> looked at her rather quizzically. After some discussion, I
> realized she was talking about, oh yes, Quen Quer Que. :)
> Julian
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> > 
> > I'd add Sion Andreas' choreography to Quen Quer Que.
> > 
> >            
> >     -- Justin
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