[SCA-Dance] SCA Created Dances

Mary Railing mrailing2 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 21 18:47:51 EDT 2010

Although some people would rather the world forgot some of their early choreographies . . .  ;-)


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Subject: Re: [SCA-Dance] SCA Created Dances

The Saltatoris Guild has a few SCA only dances as well.  Of course, we
don't have any of the choreographies online, but perhaps we should?
Then again, we haven't danced many of them in years...

Although most of our dances are in the Terp book, but the ones that we
haven't done in years have all been removed.

I think it'd be neat to have a webpage or database of SCA
choreographed dances.  I'm not sure how many dances that would get up
to?  I'd be willing to bet that we could at least gather a couple
hundred dances.

Did you have any plans in mind?

Yay!  Dancing!


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