[SCA-Dance] Some images from MSEng 1356

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Tue Apr 13 22:08:44 EDT 2010

I'm not finding it hard to read at all. At first glance it was one of
those nasty Elizabethan hands, but actually it's just a bit more
ornate than the usual easy-to-read 17th century hand.

The weirdest letters are k and D. Abbreviations are fairly minimal.

In the transcription below, (?) means I'm unsure about the previous,
and ? (no parens) means I'm unsure about 1 letter.

I don't think it would be much effort at all to get the whole thing
done. This is just 15 minutes of effort. Really, it's more work
to get the images!

-- Gregory

[image 6]
Sides all, @ y^e same agayne, @ foetheyd(?)
?ime, @ if you please each doe his

The mill?ing Bayle;
for 6: or 8:,

Lead up, @ sett, that againe, @ then
all the woe?men standing still, y^e man
sett each to his mayde, and then
having sett, y^e woemen dance y^e Hay
till the end of the turne, @ then y^e
woemen being in their places shall
sett to their man, they standing still,
after they have sett; the men daunced
the Hay as affore sayd;


Sides all, @ sett, that agayne, @ the
the men standing still ?he woemen

[image 7]

The mil??ing Bayle;

sett first, @ then the men daunce ??
Hay first, like as y^e woemen did before,
and then the men sett as before sayd, and(?)
then the woemen daunce y^e Hay;


Halfe turne, @ sett, that agayne, and
then lile(?) as before;


5: The highway to Westminster;
only for 8;

[image 9]

6: Ladyes D(?)iller, for as many
as you please


Leade up, @ sett once, or twice; after
that, all men come downewards @ woemen(?)
goe upwards, soe as they stood before
in length of the roome, they shall
stand then in the fread?h, or over=
brert(??) y^e roome, @ then having s??? up=
wardes, soe as before sayd, they shall all
sett once, @ after that, they shall
change places @ then set againe, and
then he that leades the dance, shall
take his woeman by y^e left h and,
leade her throw all the rest ???
ward, all y^e rest follow(?) ????
shall leade about soe ????
right ????

[image 10]

Ladyes D(?)iller;

??? then sides all twice, @ sett twice
and then, the woemen come up=
wardes, @ the men doe goe down=
wardes, contrary to that afforesed,
and then chainge places againe
as before, and then sett; then
the woeman takes y^e man by y^e
right hand, @ leads him toward
the right, @ all following, and
soe they shall come into their
places agayne;


Doe y^e first over agayne.


The cherping of the
Nightingall, for 6: or 8


Leade up twice, and sett twice,
then all the rest standing still
????????????????????? to his

[image 11]

The cherpring of y^e Nightingale,(?)

owne woeman, and then, turneth y^e(?)
third, and then the 4: and if there
be byt six, then having sett to the
2 first woemen, he shall turne y^e
third, and ???e her up softly to
top, @ there turne her agayne,
and then leade up againe, but if
8 as above sayd, he shall leade
up the 4^th woman as fast as he can
and then lead up agayne, @ sett
2 times, @ soe sett to the 2 first,
and turne the other, or to the
2 last if there be 4: @ that soe
oft till he comes to his place a
gaine, and the(?)n leade of, @ the ??
may doe that li??e if. they pl???

[image 12]

man shall crosse downwardes, in y^e
????e, and change places with y^e
last woeman, @ then the last
man shall change places just soe
with y^e first woeman, after that y^e
4 y^t are in y^e midle, shall take right
hands, @ runne round, @ then backe
agayne, @ then y^e afforesayd last man
being at(?) the top shall fall downe
agayne as before, w^th y^e first woeman,
@ soe y^e other into their places;
The same backwards; after sides, the
last man, @ y^e first woman shall
change, @ then as before y^e first man,
@ the last woeman, @ then y^e foure
midlemost runne rounde as before
Doe the first part agayne, and
if y^e(?) please, each doe his part;

[image 13]

9: The Gipsys for 6: or 8:

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