[SCA-Dance] On siding and arming

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Tue Sep 29 08:56:09 EDT 2009

Mary Railing wrote:
> For instance, one of the instructions for Queens has the second double forward and back start with the right foot going forward and the left foot going backwards.  It doesn't say whether the set and turn following this should also start to the right, but it would make sense.

Actually, the version of Queen's that we were mainly working from when 
we made our decision (Douce, reprinted in Patri's book) appears to go 
the other way:

"A double forward & a.d. backe. 2 singles syde & a.d. rounde on your 
lefte hande. a.d. forwarde & a.d. backe. 2 s. syde & a.d. round on your 
right hande."

That is, this one appears to be explicit about the direction of the set 
and turns, not the steps. So that's somewhat stronger supporting evidence.

(Of course, playing Devil's Advocate, the fact that they're so explicit 
about it sometimes means that it was *not* usual. Hard to be sure with 
any of this.)

> Since these manuscripts are contemporary with Playford, this may also be the way the repeats in Playford dances should be done, but this interpretation has never (yet) caught on in the SCA.

Starting the second double forward with the right? This is actually 
exactly how I usually dance ECD and Almans, and how I teach it when I'm 
getting into fine details. I find it extremely natural -- it means that 
you're doing an almost strict alternation of feet, and everything flows 
together nicely.

				-- Justin

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