[SCA-Dance] What Doubtless Would Be So Desirable to Do in March 2010

Eridani Aurus eridani1138 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 13 10:04:40 EDT 2009

Please imagine soft flickering candlelit images of dancing nobles in a real castle as you read the following:
Imagine that you are attending a week of dance classes with an elegant medieval ball each evening with talented musicians.  Imagine that for added amusement and color there is a war going on in the background and there are fighters and horses and archery and merchants and parties and all manner of diversion.  Imagine that the days are fine bright and cool and the nights are perfect for cloaks and fires.  Imagine dancing in that velvet outfit you can never wear at Pennsic.  Yes.  Oh yes.  Come for the dancing.  Stay for the velvet.
Imagine now that you are teaching dancing at Gulf Wars 2010.  Call me.eridani1138 at yahoo.com

EridaniCountess of Trimaris


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