[SCA-Dance] Estrella War Ball set lists

Michelle Welch jonete_malisoun at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 23 13:17:32 EST 2009

The final set lists and sheet music for the Balls at Estrella War have been posted at:


This year there are three balls: a Beginners' Ball on Wednesday evening, the Grand Ball on Friday evening, and the Caroso Ball on Sunday afternoon.

The Grand Ball is where we get the most dancers and musicians.  Dances will be taught and dancers of all levels are welcome.  Any musicians who are interested are welcome to join us to provide live music.  There will be several rehearsal opportunities to choose from (times TBA) but you are welcome to play even if you are unable to make any rehearsals.

The Beginners' Ball is designed with beginners in mind and will introduce simple dances, taught by our ever-patient Mistress Jeanne.  Most of the dances will be repeated at the Grand Ball on Friday.  Any musicians willing to play standard repertoire on short notice, please contact me.

The Caroso Ball is a period-style ball where the dancers choose the dances.  A list of dances that the musicians are prepared to play will be provided, along with a "cheat sheet" of dance steps.  There will be no teaching at this ball; it is intended for dancers already familiar with the dances.  There will be little time to rehearse the extended list of potential dance music, so any musicians interested in playing the Caroso Ball will have to practice in advance.  Please contact me if you are a musician interested in playing this ball.

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