[SCA-Dance] Fwd: review - Playford dance instructions

Sheila Beardslee Bosworth sheilabb at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 18 11:14:34 EST 2009

At 4:08 PM +0000 11/18/09, yves.de.fortanier at comcast.net wrote:
>When replying, I forgot to change the receiver to the group. (sigh)
>Thanks for the reply, Sheila.
>To clarify, what I mean with "I have the music for it" is that I 
>have a digital recording of music that suits a particular dance - 
>rather than an arrangement for the musicians.

To which I replied (to Yves, as he had sent it only to me):

But how much nicer to have LIVE music!

Adding now:  And how much more flexible for tempo and repetitions, too

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