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Thanks for your the reply, Your Excellency. I'm quite looking forward to reading more from you! Yes, I've spent a few hours on this so far. 8-) 

The "Many Couples" section is first because it contains the simplest dances. Since I introduce "new concepts and steps" progressively, that's the logical place. 

I should restate my purpose. Perhaps more like... [1] provide a guide to help make Playford's source material for select dances easier to comprehend through specific organization and definition; [2] provide an outlet for the author's attempts at educational style and humor. 

On the selection of dances - Do I have a suitable digital recording for it? Would I want to dance it in the SCA? ( I omit some dances because I find them too repetitive - details by request.) 


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Unto Yves de Fortanier, Greetings: 

I just took a quick glance at your draft. I will give it a more in-depth perusal later. Clearly a great deal of work has gone into your document! 

I like the way the dances have been organized by how many couples, etc. I wonder if the order would be more . . .er. . . orderly if it was ordered 2 couples, 3 couples, 4 couples, 6 couples, many people. 

I think listing dances by increasing complexity is valuable to the dance teacher, as well as the charts of new concepts and steps. 

Why have the Quarter Hannikin and G.P. included? They do not seem to fit the stated purpose for inclusion. Also, Black Nag and Sellenger's Round do not fit the stated purpose. Perhaps I missed some explanation as to why all of these dances have been included? 

The notes at the end of the document are interesting. But one could argue the reconstruction of almost any of the dances that have been included. If a description is included of every variation of each dance, the notes will be longer than the instructions! 

Baroness Rebecca Chadderton, OL, OP 

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