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I've added a list of steps to the information section of the video.

Yes, the video is very choppy. I'm still learning how to put video clips together.  Supposedly the program will do fadeouts and dissolves, but I'm having enough trouble understanding how to do even the obvious stuff.  Hopefully I'll get better at transitions if I keep working at it.


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Excellent job.  To my eyes, you made the steps look very clear, particularly
as you would do them slowly to show what was being done, before speeding
them up.  I could see learning the steps from these videos, or (for those of
us who don't dance these often) getting a chance to refresh one's memory.

Suggestions: perhaps you could list the actual steps you're doing in the
order you're doing them in the information section, so people can advance
through the video if they're looking for a particular step.  Stylistically,
an ever so slightly longer pause before embarking on the next step might
look a bit better, it just seemed a little choppy going from one step to the


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I've posted a video of the more common 16th century Italian dance steps on
Youtube <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kPgDi0NNBc>
It's rather rough because I'm just learning how to use the video editing
software, and I haven't got the hang of smooth transitions yet.  I would
appreciate any comments or suggestions people have, especially from people
who don't already know how to do these steps.  Do my instructions make
sense?  What else could I add that would be helpful? (Film from more angles?
Show longer clips of just dancing?)  If I can get the bugs worked out, I
plan to do a video of the more "kicky" steps next, as well as how to do some
specific dances.  We filmed Contrapasso in Due already, but I haven't got it
edited yet.  If anyone in or near Bloomington, Indiana wants to be a dancer
in future videos, please let me know.  I really need men who are able to do
the livelier dances..


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Thank you very much for all your help.  I appreciate it.  If you can make
some videos and post them to YouTube, that would be awesome.

Thanks again,

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From: Mary Railing <mrailing2 at yahoo.com>
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After looking at all those Youtube videos, it's occurred to me that it
would be possible for me to post dance instruction videos on Youtube.  If
can wait until May, I'll see if I can film folks at my shire's dance
practice doing these dances, and some "how to do Italian steps" bits.
We do a lot of Italian dance in Mynydd Seren.  The only one I can't help you
with is Bassa Honorata.  In thirty years in the SCA I've never seen this
dance. I'd really suggest you substitute something more commonly done in the
SCA, such as Rostiboulli, or one of the simpler Cascarde, such as

As for music, in theory you can get free MP3s for all of these dances from
Praetzel's SCA Dance Music MP3 Collection
That URL leads to a long list of various print and recorded music in MP3 or
RealAudio.  However I've not had much luck getting these to download and
play (on a Mac) and the sound quality on many is not real good.

If you are willing to spend some money, tracks can be downloaded from iTunes
Amazon for Amoroso, Gelosia, Petit Rien (I use Musica Subterranea's
recordings of these), and Saltarello.  Note that "saltarello" is a
dance type, like "waltz".  A search on that word in Amazon yields over
400 MP3s!  If the dance you are looking for is the SCA choreography known as
Saltarello la Regina, you should buy the track listed in Amazon as
"Saltarello (C. 1400)" by Ulsamer Collegium, or another recording of
that same saltarello tune. (Corvus Corax has a really loud, raucous version
I think is cool, but it's probably not appropriate for a "Venetian
ball.")  If what you want is music for a free-form saltarello, then just
pick a tune you like, avoiding one of the many symphonic recordings that
saltarello in the name.
The only recording I know of for Contrapasso in Due is a CD by the
Consort which I think is out of print, but since they are based in
I can find out if it is available if you want.

La Spagna is another tricky tune to search for.  There are very many
undanceable arrangements of the Spagna tenor.  Poking around in Amazon, I
unable to locate a recording that I was sure would work from just listening
samples. A good,danceable arrangement of La Spagna, as well as Contentezza
d'Amore, Amoroso, and Petit Rien can be found on the CD "Courtly Dances
of Western Europe" available from

I'm sure other people on this list have their own preferred sources for
some of this music.


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I must say that I am new enough to the SCA that I don't know what's
danced throughout Artemisia, I only know what we dance in the Barony of Arn
Hold.  We haven't done most of these dances.  That's why I'm needing
help to learn these dances.  We are discussing the idea of having a Venetian
Ball for our Masked Ball next January and these are the dances we are
looking at
having for the Ball.  We don't have anyone in Arn Hold that knows these
dances, so I am having to learn them from any source I can find.  I have the
dance steps, but no music and I have never seen them done, so I don't know
if I'm performing the steps properly.  Thank you all for your help so far,
you've been a great help.  Any other videos or information about this would
be very much appreciated.

Eadric Hameresmithe

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