[SCA-Dance] singing accompaniment

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Fri Jun 26 15:29:16 EDT 2009

Good discussion! A few comments:

* I have some details about all of the Playford tunes which are either
pre-1600 or have pre-1600 lyrics at:

* While it may seem odd to the modern ear to sing a ballad as a part
song, it doesn't seem to have been weird in period. In fact, many
ballad tunes are only found written out as the top or tenor line of a
part-song, or as instrumental music. Music was used very fluidly as
dance tunes, ballads, part songs, fancy instrumental divisions, etc.

* Joseph Cassazza has a concordance for Arbeau's music at

* I don't know of any article doing the same for the other eras we

* Those naughty words for Sellenger's Round are probably modern or
post-1660. Period dirty lyrics aren't nearly as explicit as the later
stuff; it all went to hell during the Restoration (go figure!)

-- Gregory

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