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Actually, for planning my Friday night ball next week, I just went through
this whole discussion with Aaron Drummond, who has this information to

" In the past we've sung for Belle Qui, Hearts' Ease, Sellenger's Round,
and Stingo. Hearts' Ease and Sellengers don't really work that well --
the words that go to them are intended to be sung at a much slower
pace that works well for the dance, and it just feels rushed if you
try to sing them at dance tempo. Stingo works okay, but not great;
Goddesses and Quen Quer Que could also work. There are several other
Playford dances that have a ballad set to the tune as well:

Bonny Bonny Broome (should work well at dance tempo), Jamaica (might
be okay, would have to try it),
Daphne (for Daphne or HIt and Miss, would probably be a bit rushed),
Cuckolds All A Row (should be okay),
Drive the Cold Winter Away (probably rushed),

And several I have no real idea how well they would work:

Spanish Jeepsy
Upon A Summer's Day
Jacke Pudding
Jog On
The King's delight
Lull me beyond thee
Madge on a tree
The merry, merry milkmaids
Once I loved a maiden fair
Row well, ye mariners"

There is an excellent group of singers in the Cynnabar area, so they are
good people for this discussion.  That, and get back to us after next week,
and we can let you know how some of these dances faired  (to see if they
could be sung at the right speed to be danced).


P.S.  Here are the main ones I've decided to use in my ball:
Upon a Summer's Day
Cuckolds All A Row
Quen Quer Que
Belle Qui pavanne
If All the World were paper
Lull me beyond thee

On Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 7:36 PM, Andrew Draskoy <pub at andrew.draskoy.net>wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I'm looking for ideas for dances that have associated songs that can
> be used as accompaniment.  Anyone got suggestions?
> Thanks, & Cheers,
> Miklos
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