[SCA-Dance] Not a Known World Dance Seminar?

Jane & Mark Waks waks at comcast.net
Tue Jun 23 09:10:23 EDT 2009

I wrote:
> we had the name KWDS 
> long, long before Corporate decided to assert that all the "Known World" 
> activities (of which I *think* we were the first, although I'm not sure)

Duh -- no, of course we weren't, Known World Heraldic came first, by 
many years. (The danger of posting before coffee.) I believe we were second.

I am reminded, on thinking about it, that I preferred the name "Laurel 
Academy of Dance" when we were first discussing it, after the Laurel 
Kingdoms. But people tend to take that as having something to do with 
the Order instead, unfortunately...

				-- Justin

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