[SCA-Dance] ADMIN: Moderation rules

sca-dance-owner at sca-dance.org sca-dance-owner at sca-dance.org
Sun Jun 14 11:34:45 EDT 2009

Hi folks.

Some of you might remember that spam was somehow getting through 
even when only "subscribed member" posting was allowed.

The working solution that i found was to switch to a per message
moderation scheme.  This has stopped the spam, but some people have
mistakenly taken this to mean that content to the list is being moderated.
(Yes, to be fair, techically it is -- 
      but only to keep spam/abuse out... not actual SCA-Dance related content.)

I'm going to try another tactic for filtering which might be a 
little less restrictive and should hopefully still keep most spam out.

If I've set things up correctly, only the first message of a new
thread will need to be hand approved. After that replies should come
through automatically.

If this doesn't work, I'll have to switch back to per post moderation, 
but hopefully it will work.

If you notice any problems with the list, please email me at:
   sca-dance-owner at sca-dance.org

Only if that fails (no resolution in 48 hours), should you email my 
     personal address:
     flip+sca-dance at andrew.cmu.edu

Hope this helps.

  When you see beyond yourself 
  then you may find, peace of mind 
  is waiting there.    --George Harrison 

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