[SCA-Dance] What belongs in a brief introductory dance article?

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I am already writing one for them that is an overview of styles of dance, period sources and helpful modern resources (such as the SCA Dance website, this email list, modern translations...), a few customs and courtesies, and how to find opportunites to dance.  I'm not including choreographies, or at least not planning to at this point, due to the word limit.  It's about half-way done.


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There's a new edition of the Known World Handbook currently in process. 
A while back, I suggested to the editors that it should really have 
introductory articles on participatory activities, specifically things 
to do at events. As is my wont, I suggested dance and games as good 
things for people to do. I wasn't terribly astonished when they turned 
around a few days ago and asked me to write those articles.

The games article is conceptually straightforward: describe a few good 
introductory games that you can pull out at an event and play. But I'm 
less certain about what belongs in the dance article, and I'm seeking input.

The high-concept goal here is clear: do what can be done in a *short* 
article (limit of 2-3000 words) to give a new person a start on period 
dance for events. I *suspect* that it should have a very brief overview 
of the topic, but should mainly focus on describing a few appropriate 
dances, probably with a discography of a few good recordings. But I'm 
not even certain that that is the ideal approach, so I'm seeking 
suggestions and opinions.

Note that this is short-burn: the article needs to get written in the 
next few weeks. So decisions are needed soon.

I'd also be interested in folks editing/kibitzing/collaborating on this 
-- especially since there isn't a lot of time, and it has to be good 
(the submissions to KWH are going to be culled, so it has to make the 
cut), so it would be helpful to get some upfront commentary.

Really, I wouldn't at all mind having someone take this off my hands, if 
someone has both the appropriate experience and thinks it sounds like a 
cool project -- since there's not a lot of time, and I have a clearer 
idea of what goes into the games article, I'd actually prefer to focus 
on that and have someone else do the dance one. So if you want a chance 
to get your name in lights here, drop me a note and let's talk -- I care 
that the article gets written, but I'm not particularly invested in me 
being the one who writes it...

                -- Justin
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