[SCA-Dance] Spanish or Iberian dances?

christopher532941 c_elmes at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 4 08:35:20 EDT 2009

> The LLibre Vermell of Montserrat, from a little later and 
> rather similar in style, also has some very danceable tunes and I think 
> even refers to some of the songs as dances. But unfortunately that seem to 
> be all we have to go on (till the later sources already mentioned by 
> others).
> Caitlin

Specifically the songs from the Llibre Vermell described as dances are: 
Stella spelendens, 
Los sept goyts, 
Cuncti simus, 
Polorum regina.

Stella splendens has a rubric with 'ad tripudium rotundum'; the 
other three have 'a ball redon' (in Catalan). Both phrases mean
 '(to) a round dance'.


Chris Elmes
Gaita Medieval Music

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