[SCA-Dance] Subject: Re: KWDS report (What I Did on my Summer Vacation...)

Gsmwilder at aol.com Gsmwilder at aol.com
Wed Jul 22 13:08:07 EDT 2009

I would like to report what was the coolest thing that happened to me at  
Hamilton, my first KWDS. Twice, during classes, the instructor got tears in  
their eye seeing a more "obscure" dance they had reconstructed danced by a 
group  for the first time, because they didn't have enough dancers with skill 
 and interest in their home area to put it together before. I haven't been  
to Crystal Ball so I don't know if this kind of thing  happens there. 
My own research isn't of the quality for KWDS, but I would still love  to 
help provide more of that kind of joy for other teachers. I'm a definite  
convert to the cause, and I want to help in any way I can, including learning  
more about research myself. Long live KWDS, no matter how often or where.
Geneva de St. Martine
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