[SCA-Dance] The Creepy, the rude, and the weird

Catriona Morganosa catriona_a_morganosa at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 22 10:54:51 EDT 2009

I actually teach a class on Flirting in the SCA subtitled "How NOT to get
slapped". One of the things I emphasize is the physical interaction parts.
For example, if you are not a licensed massage therapist, don't start
rubbing my shoulders just to touch me. Frankly, even if you ARE a licensed
massage therapist, you are not MY licensed massage therapist, so stop
touching me.

Also, don't lick my fingers when you "kiss" my hand. If I want a DNA sample,
I'd hand you a swab.

I don't need my back cracked, so don't pick me up and shake me.

Always, always, always be aware of your breath. You never know when someone
will randomly walk up and kiss you.

Stapana Catriona Moriarity, OP
"Sacrificing minions: Is there any problem it can't solve?" -Xykon

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