[SCA-Dance] KWDS report (What I Did on my Summer Vacation...)

Garden, John (DPS) John.Garden at aph.gov.au
Tue Jul 21 20:27:53 EDT 2009

Dear all,

I am not an SCAer but have been a keen historic dancer (1460s to 1890s)
for 20 years, attended the KWDS in Sydney some years ago, have in the
last few years become much more involved in Renaissance dance
reconstruction than ever before (languages & history used to be my
profession), and I have become, for some strange but welcome reason, a
recent recipient of all your lists KWDS correspondence. If you are
thinking of running a KWDS Symposium in 2010, which month (excuse my
ignorance) would you be thinking of? Although my family has been rather
trapped by finances and children in beautiful dance-rich Canberra,
Australia, for many years, we are thinking of finally taking up some
offers to teach dancing in the U.S. (non SCA dance scenes), and would
love to be able to tie in going to your KWDS as contributor and
participant. I've left my wife Aylwen with the liaising with the people
who have invited me for those other dance purposes and am not sure when
they are thinking (sometime in middlish part of year?), but I know it is
not yet fixed. Are your rough dates yet known, even if your venue isn't?

Warmest regards,

John Garden 
P.S. Greg, as this is my first correspondence to this list and as you
happen to be the latest correspondent in this discussion, a big thank
you to you and your colleagues for all the work you have put into making
so many dance resources available to others who share your passion. You
and so many others in the SCA have been making an invaluable and much
appreciated contribution to advancing our understanding of the wonderful
subject of Renaissance dance. 

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On Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 06:56:40PM -0500, Nadine wrote:

> Either way, right now we have people wanting to host it, wanting to
> dance. Let them do it.
> I propose, try it for 4 years. If it looks like attendance drops too
> dramatically. Then change it back to once every two years.

I'd be for the experiment. We talked about it years ago on this list;
I did a survey of the folks who fly to KWDS, and it seemed that most
of them were interested in an annual KWDS. It's worth doing the survey
again.  And finding out if any of the bidders would be interested in
committing to 2010.

As for the meeting time at Pennsic, there should be no problem doing
it in the 2 hour period before the Beginner Ball. I can't speak for
the organizer of that Ball (Sonya), but there's a lot of room in the
tent, and worst case, if somehow it would interfere with setup, we can
walk over to my encampment 1.5 blocks away for the meeting. That would
be Sunday, Aug 2, at 7pm.

-- Gregory

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