[SCA-Dance] ADMIN: Hints for posting unmoderated

sca-dance-owner at sca-dance.org sca-dance-owner at sca-dance.org
Thu Jul 9 14:58:29 EDT 2009

So it seems that the new "moderate first message" rule I put in place
is working... I'm still catching lots of spam, and conversations are 
going through ok. There are a few snags, however.

Here are some hints on how to make sure your post gets through with 
minimal muss and fuss from me.

1: Address the missive only to sca-dance at sca-dance.org.
   Yes it's easier to post to all the various dance pages at once,
   but this also means that if someone replies to "all" for that message,
   it will be posted to all those groups.
   The list will bounce if more than a couple addressees are included in
   a post.
   Also, it's considerd impolite to put personal addresses in there, as
   this will disclose that personal address to the entire group.
   Use BCC for this purpose, and many of these problems go away.
   (note, do not use bcc for sca-dance at sca-dance.org address... one check
   is to see if it is directly posted to that address)

2: Make sure you are a member.
   This means of the *actual list*
   If you are a member of the yahoogroup only, you are not a member.
   That is a mirror list and not "official".
   Periodically i may choose to switch email memberships on yahoogroups
   to the "real list" to make sure posting works and that you will be kept
   around if something happens to break the list.

3: No attachments.  
   That's one reason the yahoogroup exists, as a dumping
   ground for attachements when you can't host them yourself.
   The problem with that is that they turned the files area to (yahoo) 
   members only a while back.  This is less than ideal.  you are 
   encouraged to find a place to host files online that is publically 
   accessable. If you cannot do so, or don't know how, let me know 
   and I can put it on sca-dance.org website for a time.

4: Sneak around the first post moderation.
   The "first post" moderation still too restrictive?
   Put "[SCA-Dance]" in your subject and if all other conditions are
   met, the post should go through unmoderated. 
   Now you know my secret. :)

These are just a few of the things that will bounce the message for 
moderation.  Other strong recomendations exist like using descriptive
subjects (esp you digest readers!), using edited inline quoting, being
polite and courteous, bribing the list admin with lambic, etc.

This all makes for a happy list. 
(and list admin if you were paying attention.)

Hope this Helps,
Filip of the March
mka Philip Lewis
SCA-Dance Adminsitrator

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