[SCA-Dance] More Royalty Sponsored Dance At Pennsic!

Eridani Aurus eridani1138 at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 4 23:47:11 EDT 2009

More Royalty Sponsored Dance at Pennsic!Saturday, July 4, 2009 11:43 PMFrom:"Eridani Aurus" <eridani1138 at yahoo.com>To:sca-dance at yahoogroups.comThis year we have the undoubted good fortune to have not one but TWO Queens of the Knowne World who are enamored of the dance.  As you have seen the the fabulous ball of the Queen of Drachenwald may I also invite you to my humble soiree, The River of Stars Ball, upon the night of Monday August 3rd at that charming hour of 9 in the evening when the cool is upon the land and the urge to seek some diversion gets into the soul.  Then you should don your finest of dancing clothes and your costliest shoes and turn your feet on the familiar path to the dance tent. There you will find the most august company of your fellow dancers, the finest of musicians led by His Excellency Baron Octavio de Flores, and you will find a tasty repast laid by his good lady wife the most Excellent Baroness Mairi Celidh, a Laurel in the
 arts of cooking.  For your entertainment, the evening will be organized by His Lordship Edwardus the Wise.
  I have no doubt that you will enjoy the various sets of dances we have in store as we start with the Ballo del Fiore in the "Star Quality Starters Set" and enter the "Queen's Easy Listening Favorites Set".  We move on in complexity to the "Master Octavio Set" and then the challenging "I love Pennsic Dance Set".  Since we figure you may not be able to dance straight after that, there is the "Late Night Wild Set" to finish off.
I do hope to see many of you there.  It is my greatest wish to give to you a night of enjoyment for the many afternoons of lessons and nights of balls that I have enjoyed so much at Pennsic.
In Service to the Dream,HRM Eridani Queen of Trimaris


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