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Greetings all,
I'd like to invite, yes even encourage, all to come join us in Concordia of the Snows (Saratoga Springs, NY)  to a grand ball.  In addition, I'm looking for additional teachers so that we may offer not just a variety, but to perhaps introduce new dances to the dancers of the western edge of the East kingdom.  The site is 4 hours or less from Utica, Syracuse, Boston, and Quebec and only a bit more from NYC.  In addition, this is the site I'd like to try and utilize when we have a Known World Dance Symposium (2013?) here.
If you'd be interested in teaching send me a note privately at (bgdeonna at hotmail dot com)

In service 
Mistress Deonna von Aachen, OL

Crystal Snowflake Ball

February 20, 2010


Crystal Snowflake Ball enjoys winter in an Italian villa this year.  Come
dance the day and night away in Renaissance splendor.  The dances, of
course, will not be limited to Italian.  There will be dance instruction
all day with the ball in the evening.  Live musicians!  


you think you can dance?  We’ll have a
bit of a dance competition of our own to add to the daytime festivities.  There will be three categories, beginning,
intermediate and advanced dances.  So
choose a dance, find a partner or group and start practicing.  The winners of each category will be
announced during the ball and will perform for all at the ball in the
evening.  No documentation needed but please keep it to 1st edition playford or earlier.  Extra points for something we don't know.  The musicians are prepared to play so please
state your intentions by 2/13 so we are sure to have musicians ready for you.

The theme for all this fun as well as competitions is of course is “a winter
fete at an Italian villa” so come enjoy the day.  Mask-making!  Prizes for the best
dressed couple!  A subtlety contest!  Games!  A dance museum to
tour!  A filling dayboard!  We invite all comers to bring something
for the dessert board to be served during the ball.  There will be no feast, but a dinner break is
planned so that revelers may dine out.  This event will incorporate a
morning demo from 10:30-noon, open to the public.  Come early so that we
may provide a great participatory demonstration.


National Museum of Dance

99 South Broadway (Route 9)

Saratoga Springs, NY  12866

Site Opens: 10:00am

Site Closes: 10:00pm

Event Fees:

Adults 18 and over:  $11.00 (non-SCA member $3.00 surcharge applies)

 minors 6-17: 

children under 6 free

Send Reservations to:

Lady Louise LaMotte, (Louise Burch), 80 Osborne St., Albany, New York


Lady Elisabeth Greenleaf, MKA Elizabeth Strum, strumb at sage.edu
(518) 729-0501 

Mistress Deonna Von Aachen, MKA Beth Gurzler, bgdeonna at hotmail.com, (518) 877-7148

Send intentions for the dance competition to Mistress Deonna von Aachen

Make Checks Payable to: SCA, Inc., Barony of Concordia of the Snows

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