[SCA-Dance] John Gardiner-Garden to do US dance tour in 2010

Aylwen Garden aylwengg at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 19:02:00 EST 2009

Dear dancing friends

Below is a blurb that gives a more expanded explanation of what we
would like to do on our dance tour in 2010.

We plan to arrive in San Francisco for some dancing in the last week
of July 2010 and then tour the East Coast from August to early
September, then travel across to the UK for a few weeks. If you have
any questions, please contact me off-list at aylwengg at gmail.com .

Our main interests are to:

1) meet nice people

2) have our family looked after with respect accommodation and meals
(will possibly have hire car for transport) and to have our children
welcome at events we two are involved with.

3) share our own dances and John's own dance research (in styles from
the 15th to 20th century, that would suit groups into Renaissance,
Baroque, Regency or Civil War era dance, English Country generally,
Contras, Quadrilles, Vintage ballroom couples or Scandinavian couples

John's preference would be to teach daytime classes- even, if
possible, full day/weekend/week-long workshops, 'summer schools' or
camps, with or without evening dances, but may be happy to do
half-day-workshop-followed-by-dance (or even just an evening dance)
where the preferred longer contact time is not logistically possible.

John greatly prefers live music for both workshops and dances, and
would love to work with local musicians to effect this (can bring some
of own instruments and dance music notes-and can even send material
and liaise in advance if musicians want), but can also teach to
recorded music he can supply if necessary (especially dances in his
own books to music on his own band's 8 CDs).

We will try to up-to-date John's web-CV sometime soon at Earthly
Delights Historic Dance Academy http://www.earthlydelights.com.au

Bye for now,


Earthly Delights Historic Dance Academy
Director, Jane Austen Festival Australia
Member, Jane Austen Society of Australia
Member, Australian Costumers Guild

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