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Our Chamberlain took a fair number of photos at Pennsic, many of which center around activities in the Dance Pavilion. And for those of my students who heard me talk of Landsknecht TV, there are a couple of shots of both the "program" and of the viewers eating their breakfast while watching. :-)


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I've finally gotten my photos from Pennsic sorted.  You can view the varous
lbums here:
*Drachenwald @ Pennsic
Check out the pictures of the Drachenwald procession to the State dinner!
he members of Drachenwald made a very fine impression delivering the King
nd Queen to this Royal event (as opposed to the King and Queen of the East
ho were converyed there in a golf cart…)
*Drachenwald Battle I
*Drachenwald Battle II
*Dance Tent and Dance Related
*Queen's Ball
Note on the Queen's ball - the following was posted by Lady Mari to the East
ingdom list regarding her Pennsic 38 memories:
"I walked past the dance tent one evening and saw Their Majesties of
rachenwald doing one of those slow, flirtatious Italian dances that
nvolves lots of going away and coming back and curtseying. Everything from
heir garb to their dancing skills to their courtiers offering them a drink
fter the music ended=2
0was just perfect. And the gentleman calling out the
ext dance looked like he stepped out of a painting, too."
Additionally posted with that same message regarding another Lady from
"Not really a medieval moment, but a Pennsic one nonetheless: when the
ool's Parade came by Heralds Point, they asked for a lesson in heraldry, so
ady Aryanhwy merch Catmael, Pelican Queen of Arms obliged: using the Laurel
rown (a thing of beauty but very large and heavy and did I mention large?),
he demonstrated the difference between 'crowned' and 'gorged of a coronet'.
This year Drachenwald created a very postive, strong impression of our
oplous on and off the battlefield.   I was very proud to be able to
ssociate myself with our kingdom.  My sincere thanks to all who helped out
n making our representation at this year's Pennsic war so successful - and
In service,
Margaret de Mey
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