[SCA-Dance] Appreciation for Darius and Lynette

Rachel/Judith judithsca at aol.com
Mon Aug 17 12:15:05 EDT 2009

Greetings from Judith!

So many people thank me at Pennsic for the contributions that I have made to dancing at Pennsic, which I try to deflect due to their speciousness. I have only been an organizer, but the people who have done the true work are the ones who merit thanks.

More specifically, I would like thank Darius and Lynette for their multiple years of service to the Pennsic dance floor, which is the heart and soul of our dancing at war. No one else has volunteered in all these four years to assume the task of managing the dance floor construction/tear down, but they did, and happily. I would also like to thank Darius for stepping in when teachers did not show for their classes, and for assisting when a ball needed assistance.

If you are a person who enjoys the dance floor at Pennsic, please take a moment to thank Darius and Lynette when you next meet them, for your debt to them is priceless.


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