[SCA-Dance] KWDS locations WAS:Re: Sca-dance Digest, Vol 46, Issue 1

Lara Coutinho aka Sophia the Orange orange at indy.net
Wed Aug 12 14:51:50 EDT 2009

Heya gang, 
Back on Sunday, a person called Jody (sorry I don't know her yet) posted the following in response to Urraca's inquiry about Knowne World Dance Symposiums:

"According to Phillip White:
Proposed KWD&MS schedual: Bloomington IL 2011, Columbus OH 2012, and
Albany NY 2013

Hope that helps,

Given that Musica Subterranea has members in both Bloomington, Illinois and Bloomington, Indiana, when I forwarded the above clip to the band list to see if we could use this event as a deadline to get our acts together to produce a fourth CD in time, we discovered that Bloomington, IL has no knowledge of this event but Bloomington, IN does have in it's local group meeting minutes that they have secured the bid for the 2011 Knowne World Dance Symposium.

So, to make a long story short, could someone in the know here on this list please confirm that our friend Jody did or did not make a very understandable, extremely minor, and amusingly powerful typo mistake and that the fine Shire of Mynedd Seren in Bloomington, INDIANA will be hosting the KWDS in 2011 instead of the equally fine Shire of Baile na Scolairi in Bloomington, ILLINOIS?

And Jody, I am very grateful to you for your efforts in helping us stay informed.  We all had a good laugh on the band list when our viola player in Balie thought she was in for a lot more work in 2011 then she'd bargained for. ;)

Many thanks, 
Sophia the Orange

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