[SCA-Dance] Flirting again

Eridani Aurus eridani1138 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 12 08:22:12 EDT 2009

Alas, that I shall now admit this and you will have wrenched from me a closely held secret that perhaps should have gone with me to the grave.  The stylistic flourishes of flirting while dancing are characteristics of the dancing and with are a stylish and affected, not romantic, interaction between you.  It generally goes very well if you are dancing with someone well acquainted with the dance or that you know well and you can play.  If you think of the flirting as the things that you are doing with your eyes and your head and your attitude while you are moving your feet you can see how it all moves together as an artistic whole.
Now if I ever left the dance floor with my head actually turned by a gallant who held my eyes with his piercing, knowing gaze, I am not saying.



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