[SCA-Dance] Call for Dancing Papers at the Medieval Congress

Cathus and Rowan rowan at french.toast.net
Tue Aug 11 20:43:49 EDT 2009

Hey everyone - Here's a chance to show off your SCA dance knowledge at a scholarly venue. Sorry about the lateness of this notice. Short abstracts are due August 20. Please don't respond to this email - see below for the submission email address.

 - Cathus

Long Ago and Far Away: Intra-european perspectives on early modern dance.
Early Dance at Kalamazoo
45th International Congress on Medieval Studies

Early Dance at Kalamazoo is an organization formed to encourage further scholarship at Kalamazoo in the field of early dance and its relation to other disciplines, including literature, art history,
musicology, theater, history, and textiles through the interdisciplinary pursuit, independently or in conjunction, of textual and performative research. We are particularly interested in forming links between scholars in the field of dance history and those in other disciplines, as each group is, to its detriment, often unaware of the significant work done by the other. We focus on different aspects of issues in dance reconstruction and the general subject area, bringing together scholars of dance, manuscript illumination, textiles, and church history. 

This year's proposed session looks at cross-cultural aspects of and perspectives on early modern dance, its history, and textual background, such as the rennaisance French interpretation of dance in the Ottoman Empire. It is a segment of the field that is rarely studied or discussed and deserves greater attention in order to further understanding of greater cross-cultural currents in 15th and 16th century Europe.

We are seeking papers dealing with these themes for the session entitled "Long Ago and Far Away: Intra-european perspectives on early modern dance." Short abstracts are to be sent to earlydanceatkzoo at gmail.com by August 20. Repost and cross post where interested parties might see.

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