[SCA-Dance] Gwommy rocks!

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Tue Aug 11 14:36:14 EDT 2009

Yes, Gwommy was amazing. He was there every late night, and had the laptop  
with music to go on when the musicians get tired.
He was there almost all the time during the day, so is aware when a teacher  
didn't show up to teach, and he and Darius would cover it on the spot.

Him and Darius made sure that dance classes went smoothly, that there were  
people to teach dance during the balls (I saw Darius jumping in and helping  
with teaching during a ball that he was not responsible for, and doing it  
for a significant part of the ball), and they were both consistently there  
to help close down the dance tent at night.

Dancing at Pennsic would be nowhere as good and efficient without Gwommy  
and Darius there.


On Aug 11, 2009 12:55pm, Lara Coutinho aka Sophia the Orange  
<orange at indy.net> wrote:
> Gwommy,

> As a professional data wrangler in the modern world, I've got to say that  
> I'm freaking *impressed* with your collection of hard data! This is  
> amazing, and a great service to the dance community! Rock on!!!

> --Sophia the Orange

> >Greetings Dancers,

> >

> >Here is some dance results which I collect during the two weeks of  
> Pennsic.

> >http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=tmqsrxkNQNb2JyQ7KvGZbKw&output=html

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