[SCA-Dance] Performance Dance was Fw: Help with some Itailian Dances

Sweet, Debby deborah.s.sweet at okstate.edu
Mon Apr 6 11:39:29 EDT 2009

>More videos of 15th century Italian dances:
>This is Gelosia, one of the dances you asked about.  The partner-switching section is supposed to act out "jealosy."

Here's an interesting depiction of Gelosia by the Tanzgruppe Domencio, a dance
group out of Germany.


It's a very "Performance" piece they have done of Gelosia. Certain liberties with the steps were taken, but boy does it get the theme of "jealousy" across.

They have five other videos as well: 1 - Newcastle; 2 -
The Indian Queen; 3 - Mafredina & Rotta; 4 - Grimstock; & 5 - Branle Cassandre.

They have definitely made up bits and pieces out of dances I am familiar with -
so I suspect that the others have been 'tweaked' as well. After all, I've never
seen or even thought about doing Newcastle with swords before

Estrill Swet
Province of Mooneschadowe

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